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lundi 16 janvier 2012

sousse in tunisia - sousse tunisie

Sousse Seafront

It is easy to see why Sousse has become a favourite tourist destination. It has a good climate, a beautiful medina, hotels of all classes, good restaurants (try the fish!!!), a stunning beach and many options for enjoying day-trips. The northern beach is lined with purpose built hotels, all built in the same style with a bar, restaurant and swimming pool, these hotels stretch all the way to the port.
Conveniently located, just across the main road from the hotels, is the beach. The beach closest to the centre of Sousse is extremely crowded in peak season, mainly by Tunisians coming here as extended family groups. It’s easy to meet local people here, and the attitude is friendly and easygoing. The beach at the city end of Sousse (its famous and called Boujaafar) is very pleasant for swimming and sunbathing, even if it does get crowded in the afternoons. Local people are friendly, open, and if you go swimming, don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself in a ball game with the locals!

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